Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dance Assignment Task P.M.I

By Abbey Fanning

P- What did you learn?
Working through this task I learnt a lot of different things for example I learnt that working in a team is all about putting both ideas forward testing them and finding what worked the best. When working with the robot I learnt that it is always good to make sure that everything on the robot is walking fine like the motors and sensors before you try and do anything with it. When coding I learnt, it is always best to save as you go along because it’s very easy to lose everything  you have done,having to start again can be inioying also very time consuming.

M-What challenges did you face?
In the start of the task Aniki and I made a decision to compeley rebuild our robot. So we looked up how to construct the robot. We completed that very successfully and the robot was all well and good. The challenges we faced with this was programming the robot to move. Anikia and I must have spend a good 30mins trying to make it move, it didn’t happpen, we asked the teacher and she couldn’t see how to do it as well. Then we made the desion to go back to the old robot. The challenge that we faced was working out how to work it, make it do things I take responsibility for it as I didn’t do enough research to see how things would work.

I- What is missing?
I think in the final dance we didn’t demonstrate our best programming because of the lose of the work and parts not working for us,we were very rushed to complete the task to a reasonable standed.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


PMI-last lesson

P- What did you learn?
Things the learned last lesson where that some types of technology can be really unreliable and not go as planned. But in a hole the things that i learnt where that programming the sensor to pick up yellow or red or green is not as easy as people think because we started to use a new tool.
But in robotics that’s what it is all about problem solving and working out problems and that is what i really enjoying doing.
What do you get/ understanding?
I started to understand how this tool works and what you needed to do for the robot to see all the different colours and do something when it see’s them.

M-What challenges did you face?
Well personally what challenges I faced was that our robot was not working at all like the the motors were not turning when we but the command there so we asked to teacher to help us out. So most of the lesson was us trying to find the problem within the program.
What did you do to work it out?
We asked the teacher to come down and break down this problem for us so she ran us through some of the problems there many be not letting the program work.

I- What is missing?
Well to be honest I don’t really know because we are still faced with the problem of the robot not working  
What understanding do we have?

I have an understanding of the basic parts of this program but still I am having trouble with understanding why it is not working.  

Monday, September 5, 2016

What did I learn today?
I learnt that when using a colour sensor that it can be hard to get the weight command in the right place because you need to use it in the right place so that it can pick up all the colours. Also when telling it to pick colours can be hard because mine had a problem.

What did I achieve today?

Well me and my friend made the program but we had some trouble using it because it would not work and we do not know why anyway the teacher starting looking at it and said that she would help us out. Other than that we both know how to use the sensor  and we feel good using it in different problems.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Artificial intelligence

blog post 

For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to write a blog about my interests in a topic of robotics. My topic is "how does robotics help artificial intelligence". This topic really interested me when I first read about it because I have always had a genuine interest in how we as humans can: make decisions, speech recognition,translate between languages and have a visual perception on things.

My first question was" Who thought of the idea that people could program a robot to be able to use artificial intelligence. Well my answer to this question is people have been thinking of this for a very long time now and it would be unfair to give this title to a Pacific person because many people through out the years have dedicated their lives and working careers towards developing a program that would help a robot in artificial intelligence. Programming a robot to do these things is really hard task because as you may or may not have experienced that creating a simple program such as making a robot go through an obstacle course can take forever depending on the challenges that the course may require. Then there is the other half to it as well the artificial intelligence part. People as we know now are still trying to understand and grab a concept on how our brain interacts and solves problems with other humans.

As I went on I wanted to learn more about why would people wanted to do this. I started to investigate with more and more resources. I soon learn that the people trying to create this amazing thing within a robot had in fact incouted people that may not have this. Some people in how world may lack communication in these areas for many reasons. So the people that are designing a program for the robot are simply trying to help people that are disadvantaged in these areas.

Have people been successful in this? Yes some people have indeed mastered some aspects of artificial intelligence within a robot. Some robots can pick up : eye contact,emotional change and where there focus point is. They are using these robots all around the world but manly in Europe. Schools have been using this robot to help teach different social skills and help them have a different resource when learning. Most schools have seen this as a mager success and do recommend using this robot with in a school environment.

Overall this is an amazing development for the robotics work place because it will slow but surely help change the world of those that are disadvantaged and help people to created new skills within this topic.

Monday, August 29, 2016

This is my Third Avatar
This is my third Avatar, I made this avatar on an Ipad app that is based on the website that I used in my second one. So this app was so much better then the website like the feature was were so much easier to use and everything just worked really well so i do not really have any Con’s for this one.

This Avatar repends me at school I know I do not have a school uniform on but that is for privacy reasons only and the app did not have it.

This my Second Avatar
This is my second Avatar and I have created this Avatar on a website called Avatar maker.com. I found this website quite easy to use in lots of  different ways. This website was quick and easy to use. Some Pros of the website would be that the layout was easy to read and things were clearly labeled and placed in appropriate places that made it easy to read and find them. Cons of this website would of been the features that you could put on the avatar for example the hair and the eye colours were very limited and not very good to use.

This Avatar repends me at home. This avatar shows me wearing glasses and yes I do where them at home all the time because when I am doing homework I need them to see and I use them for lots of other things. I like to be very casual at home so I do not really care what I wear because only my dad and step mum will see so there is no point having lots of makeup on or cool clothes.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

First Avatar

This is my first Avatar. I choosen to create my avatar on the website called Voki. Voki is a very good website for creating all kinds of avatar's such as: fictional, personal and the Voki website has already made up avatar's that are great to use as well. In these made up ones you can still choose different things like clothes or hair and many more things. Voki does have a lot of pros and cons, but some cons might be that you have a very limited choice of personal details such as: hair colour, eye colour, hair styles, clothes and you can not choose you background they are only set for you.

My avatar has a only one of my identities in it. On a weekend I love to go out and go horse riding,I have my own horses and have gone to state level for eventing (Dressage,Showjumping,Cross-Country). This avatar represents me at a horse riding competitions.

By Abbey Fanning